Highlands County Lakes Association
PO Box 1025
Lake Placid, FL 33862
(863) 465-7855

John Ruggiero - President
Dave McCadam - Vice President
Kirk Babcock - Treasurer
Richard Reaney - Secretary

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Lake Cleanups
If you'd like your lake listed for a future cleanup, contact us and we'd be happy to help, we'll bring garbage bags, grabbers, dumpster and we'll even bring food for the volunteers courtesy of the Tourist Tax

Look at the Highlands County Monofilament recovery Program


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John Ruggiero
(863) 465-7855
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Highlands County has been uniquely endowed with more than 113 beautiful lakes, providing outstanding fishing and water sports, as well as just plain "serenity" to residents and visitors alike.

These magnificent water bodies deserve care and protection. To that end, a small group of concerned individuals took the initiative and formed "The Highlands County Lakes Association" in 1991.

It is a non-profit corporation, duly chartered by the State of Florida, whose purpose is to monitor all the lakes of Highlands County. In this manner they hope to fulfill their mission statement, "TO LEAVE THE CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN AND ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS, THE LAKES OF THIS COUNTY IN THE SAME OR MORE IDEALLY, A BETTER CONDITION THAN THEY ARE AT PRESENT".

The Association boasts a dedicated volunteer board of directors, meeting, organizing and interacting with various government agencies regarding member concerns.

The Highlands County Lakes Association Membership meeting offers a series of instructional film presentations, speakers and the like to improve public awareness and stress the importance of preserving these lakes, not only for the sake of the economy, but for all who come to this location in future seeking recreation, solace and unmatchable beauty. The official newsletter of the Association is the "Dip Net" which is published on a quarterly basis.






Protecting our lakes since 1991